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ITP brings you ..Virtual Lens Protector.

The solid coverage of an OEM lens cap, the transparency of a UV filter, brought together and powered by 4 AA batteries (not included). Powerful "Laser" beams protect your lens like no other product on the market.

Dust, fingerprints, forget about it. Deadly UV rays, a thing of the past.

Once your Virtual Lens Protector is attached, switch it on and feel the power of virtual protection. Check out the cool looking "Laser" beams guarding the safety of your expensive optical system. Never worry again about the bratty neighbor kid sticking their finger against your multicoated treasure. The effect of the "Laser" offers a slight "correction" that they will never forget !

Sizes to fit all popular filter diameters. Order yours today for just $180.00. Credit card orders available through our secure server, e-mail for details.

This one of a kind product is protected by US and foreign patents. ITP will vigorously pursue and prosecute technology infringers!

Important safety tip; this product contains a "Laser" which if looked at directly could cause some type of health problem.